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As a dedicated provider of Fun, HandMade Musical Instruments, Archery Equipment, and Rustic Furniture, I take pride in offering the best product you can buy. I am dedicated to serving the needs of my customers each and every day.

I have been involved in archery all my life. When I was little my dad was in the archery club in Haywood County and he made lots of their arrows, so I watched and learned to make the arrows, spine test, fletch and crest them with beautiful colors. As the compound bow era came on us I was young and wanted the fastest and newest thing out there so I learned to work on these awful things. I learned to tune them and keep up everybody's bows for them, but a few years of that was enough. The next deer season I was sitting in my stand with hand made arrows, shafts, tips, feathers from last years turkey, self nocks and all. My 48# hickory self bow was my first. I even made my own finger stalls, arm guard, and back quiver. I never wanted to sit in the woods with a wheel or a cable attached to my bow again. So, I've been making archery equipment most of my 53 years and I love it! If you want some arrows and a bow made by somebody who would just as soon keep each one for himself then give my stuff a try. I know you'll be satisfied.

  I have been designing and building rustic furniture since 1998. I build rocking chairs, lamps, Rocking Horses, end tables, dining tables, sofa tables, benches, and coffee tables. I try to maintain the natural appearance of things. All my wood is either recovered from old barns or bridges and such or I have saved it from tree trimming or building site clearings. Every piece is One-of-a-Kind hand made with these natural materials so there will never be another exactly like yours.


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